Ask Mensa AnythingWhat scores are on the top two percentile of the global population?
Francis Raymond Banan asked 4 years ago

May I know what is the percentage of the top two percentile of the global population? I got 84 on the test and places me on the 113th percentile of the global population.

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Profile photo ofGetter_2187Gregg Getter answered 4 years ago

Hi Francis,     The answer can get subjective, but for our assessment, you should have an IQ readout around 130.  Actual scores can vary widely based on test, methods, and even the takers age.  Some tests also measure different qualities, like verbal or math.  So, a normal score in one type, could still mean you could score high on another.  We generally use the same types of challenges, but you never know.  🙂  I think the current US Mensa exam is four hours, and is divided in two sections.  That’s just another example, and scores could be very different.