Ask Mensa AnythingCategory: About MensaWhat are the real world benefits of having a high IQ?
Tag Heuer Iburia asked 4 years ago

Dear Mensa. I was wondering, is a high IQ just good for answering puzzles, or is there a real benefit from it?

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2 Answers
Profile photo ofGetter_2187Gregg Getter answered 4 years ago

From my experience, and this is just personal, and not from a study:  I think, in general, a higher IQ lends an ability to grasp concepts faster.  Most people I know with high IQ’s, tend to catch on fast to new ideas, and usually get promoted more at work.  Of course, motivation, hard work, and personal drive play big factors.

Jut my personal opinion though.  🙂

Lyndon Tolentino answered 4 years ago

Depends what you mean by IQ. By raw definition, IQ is just a rank, a way to compare scores to others. An IQ of 130 for example, the minimum to get into Mensa, is at the 98th percentile, meaning your score is higher than 98% of the population. That’s all that IQ really means, but assuming high IQ equates to high intelligence, your question should probably be “What are the real world benefits of being intelligent?” and I think that question is self-explanatory to most people.