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Jolly asked 10 months ago

What foods that can remove heart plaque naturally from the body?

Joe Smith replied 4 months ago

A Magnesium mineral supplement helps dissolve the calcium in the plague, Vitamin K2 to help your body put the calcium where it belongs instead of dumping it in your bloodstream,or an enzyme combination such as Nattokinase/Serrapeptase digest the unwanted extra proteins, the main thing to do though is stop sugar and wheat – see Gary Taubes book “Good Calorie, Bad Calorie” to get a lot more in depth information on how sugar is primarily to blame for this damage.

Another thing to look at is both Intravenous (IV) Vitamin C and IV Hydrogen Peroxide therapies available for TLC Clinic in Manila as well as many other places in The Philiippines.

This information should be treated as pointers for you to conitue your own studies and searches and your health options will open up immensely.