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Reginald Domingo asked 4 months ago

There is a theory going around that there are other intelligences other than mathematical/logical. There is 1 linguistic intelligences 2)i already mentioned logical intelligence 3) spatial intelligence 4 ) music and intuitive intelligence 5 ) kinesthetic intelligence 6 ) interpersonal intelligence 7) intrapersonal intelligence 8) existential and metaphysical intelligence and 9) nature intelligence…..any comments on that theory and do u have accurate ways to test these intelligences?

osama shk replied 3 weeks ago

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Joely replied 3 weeks ago

Just like becoming a professional Handyman, it takes years of hard work and determination to master a language, and that is why we have linguistic intelligence.

gica replied 3 weeks ago

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berna replied 3 weeks ago

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osama shk replied 3 weeks ago

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Muhammad Usama replied 3 weeks ago

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delhi replied 4 weeks ago

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James replied 1 month ago

I agree with Marvin’s point of view. Anyway, I don’t have any sources yet on how to accurately test multiple intelligence. Once, I do, I will surely post that here.


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Jonathan replied 1 month ago

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Plumber replied 1 month ago

Thanks for explaining about multiple intelligence. I’ll keep following this Q & A to hopefully see a reliable source where the test can be taken.

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Ken Hobbs replied 2 months ago

The normality of the Multiple Intelligences Measurement is categorized into 3 levels. Those with high intelligence are those with percentiles of more than 78. Those with moderate/medium intelligence are those with percentiles between 24 and 77.9.
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Lucille Monroe replied 2 months ago

There are many MI assessment tools available online and to print for use in your classroom. These tests can provide a fascinating snapshot of your students’ innate abilities. Students should think about how to use their strengths to help them in all subjects. Maybe that musically intelligent student should make up a song to help her learn the Periodic Table of Elements. Or that visually inclined student should draw a picture to help remember the life cycle of a butterfly.
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Alfredo replied 2 months ago

The theories mentioned were to deal with how they can help themselves to relax and make themselves calm. Just for example Music intelligence – He/she preferred to study while listening to music. Nature intelligence – preferred to study in a calm noise of nature like a river, under the tree, etc. Thanks for this and I remembered the importance of multiple intelligences. concrete rochester mn

George replied 2 months ago

Yeah, you have a point, that’s what they called Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence. I haven’t tried taking a test yet on this one but I found this link, I hope it can help.

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Marvin replied 2 months ago

The theory of multiple intelligences proposes the differentiation of human intelligence into specific “modalities of intelligence”, rather than defining intelligence as a single, general ability. cbd oils