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Strawberry asked 1 year ago

I saw a post introducing a 5 year old member. How can my five year old take the iq test if the website clearly stated that only 14years old and above can take the exam. Thank you

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Profile photo ofGetter_2187Gregg Getter answered 1 year ago

Hey Strawberry!

While our exam is for 14 and up, there are other ways for youth to join.  Most join through psychologist administered IQ tests.  I’ll send an email to one of our officers to see if there are other ways too.


Profile photo ofGetter_2187Gregg Getter replied 1 year ago

Update, got a reply from one of our officers, and there is a link that will help:

This shows how someone that either cannot make it to, or might not qualify for in house testing, such as your 5 year old.

Good luck, and hope to see your child join our ranks. 🙂