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Clyde Ebojo asked 2 years ago

My child just turned 4 years old. He has done a lot of things beyond my imagination.
In an IQ test from our local University, he got a mark of 185. I can show it (proof/s) if my message reaches you.
Watched many videos now on amazing kids. In my opinion, my kid is better than many, if not all, of them
I am very happy but worried.
Hope this reaches you.
father of CZED MIGUEL EBOJO, 4 years and 2mos.,
From Bohol, Philippines

John Sneek replied 2 weeks ago

This is wonderful. I hope your child will do good in the future. All the best.
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Charles replied 2 weeks ago

Oh, so you guys are from Bohol? I have been there when we had our vacation last 2019 and the place is so amazing!

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George replied 2 weeks ago

So he will be turning 6 this year? I hope your child will have a bright future.

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Rex replied 2 weeks ago

I wish my future child is also as bright and smart as your child. Air Duct Cleaning in Tampa

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Myron replied 2 weeks ago

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