Ask Mensa AnythingCategory: About MensaIs the Mensa PH Membership Number Unique?
Nino Carlo Paras asked 9 months ago
Paul replied 4 days ago

Yes, i believe it is. -Paul

Carmelo Leonardo replied 5 days ago

Listing Mensa membership means that you did the following: decided that you want to be a part of Mensa; applied to Mensa; took and passed an intelligence test to get into the organization; then went back and listed it on your resume. siding repair

Cassandra replied 6 days ago

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Reg replied 1 week ago


Reg replied 1 week ago


John from Florida replied 1 week ago

I have researched on google about Mensa Philippines. It’s good. John | Tree Pruning

geebranz replied 2 weeks ago

Not sure tho

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geebranz replied 2 weeks ago

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John Sneek replied 3 weeks ago

Of course, it is unique.
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Ronnie Rivera replied 4 weeks ago

I think it is. Outbound Lighting

Justin Lemaster replied 4 weeks ago

It must be! It is like an ID to validate membership. See screen enclosures st. petersburg

Patsy replied 4 weeks ago

Just visit Google