Ask Mensa AnythingCategory: About MensaI have 2 PNLT results saying my IQ is Very Superior from a Cebu-based testing center. Do I still need to take the Mensa test?
Kristine Mae Hernandez asked 1 week ago

Wow! I am ecstatic to find a group of like-minded individuals where I can finally be understood! In my life, I have frequently been resented for ‘complicating’ the seemingly basic and simple situations to most people. I just can’t help it! I can’t control how my brain tends to over-analyse stimuli which comes with its good and equally bad results. I feel so alone and misunderstood, even my husband has given up on me. With this Mensa, I am happy to hopefully finally be understood, to share experiences and struggles with relationships the group members have, and most importantly, to find insights on how to cope and deal with people and to listen to intellectual discussions that I am super excited about! I feel like I’m in the brink of dumbing down so please save me! 
But first things first, what’s the easiest way to get in? I have PNLT results coming out as Very Superior which seems to be the highest score, so my question is, do I automatically qualify? Or should I still take another exam? 

Royel replied 4 days ago