Ask Mensa AnythingHow can I get my 6 year old tested if she's a genius?
Derrick Villanueva asked 7 months ago

I’d just like to have my child assessed.  She’s 6 and I suspect might be gifted.  Where can I have her tested?

Ada replied 6 months ago

From my limited understanding about giftedness assessments in western countries is that there are licensed child psychologists who can administer this type of assessments (which include IQ tests). I am not sure if that true in Philippines (I am assuming you are in Philippines as this is Mensa Phils. website). A Mensa website for another country that I checked before this website mentioned that MENSA does not give IQ test results but simply sends a letter to indicate that the examiner’s test score makes him/her eligible to join MENSA. Where I live I found this information helpful - … Try to look for similar organizations who provide list of test administrators recognized by schools in your region. Cheers.

GB Buñag replied 6 months ago

You can contact the Psychological Association of the Philippines for a psychometrician near you.

Alternatively, you can consult the SPED department of the UP College of Education and they can assess if you should get your child tested.

Berry replied 4 months ago

Hi my 6years daughter is currently enrolled in UPIS and got above average score on her OLSAT. I would also like her to be assessed. May i also ask the process how to join mensa?

GB Buñag replied 2 months ago

We do not assess children under the age of 14. It is the limitation of the test we use. We recommend you contact the Psychological Association of the Philippines for a psychometrician. As for joining Mensa, we need a certificate from the psychometrician that the child’s score is in the 98th percentile.

king replied 3 weeks ago