Ask Mensa AnythingHow can I get my 6 year old tested if she's a genius?
Derrick Villanueva asked 2 weeks ago

I’d just like to have my child assessed.  She’s 6 and I suspect might be gifted.  Where can I have her tested?

Ada replied 2 days ago

From my limited understanding about giftedness assessments in western countries is that there are licensed child psychologists who can administer this type of assessments (which include IQ tests). I am not sure if that true in Philippines (I am assuming you are in Philippines as this is Mensa Phils. website). A Mensa website for another country that I checked before this website mentioned that MENSA does not give IQ test results but simply sends a letter to indicate that the examiner’s test score makes him/her eligible to join MENSA. Where I live I found this information helpful - … Try to look for similar organizations who provide list of test administrators recognized by schools in your region. Cheers.