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About Us


Mensa is the international society for people with high IQ’s. Mensa isn’t interested in your age, race, religion, politics, wealth or position in life. It is interested in you and in what you think. That is why Mensa members around the world include businesspeople and artists, doctors and social workers, students and homebodies, bus drivers and academics – probably a richer mix of people than any other society in the world.

It is this amazing variety of people, all of whom are blessed with a host of brilliant ideas and experiences to share, that makes Mensa membership such a stimulating and rewarding experience for over 100,000 members worldwide. And this is what makes Mensa a true Meeting of Minds.


Over the years, many Filipinos became members of Mensa International. Finally, in 1992 a group of these international members came together to form Mensa Philippines, the officially recognized Philippine chapter of Mensa International. In October of that same year, Mensa Philippines launched its first major testing event, and membership has grown ever since.