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Saturday, June 29, 2013

July 13 Brown Bag: "Beyond the Rule of Thirds"

Aspiring photographers would want to attend this July's Mensa Brown Bag session. It's by longtime member GB Buñag.

Interested in photography since childhood, GB Buñag has loaded his head with all sorts of minutiae about the craft of photography. And unless he shares this information, his head will explode into tiny bits. Frustrated by the artistic side of photography, he enrolled in the "Inner Vision" class of Tilak Hettige. His reactions to the lessons that he has learned will then be the subject of his Brown Bag talk, entitled:

Beyond the Rule of Thirds: An Approach to Creating Interesting Images 
(Or, How I spent a lot of money on a seminar so you don't have to)

The talk shall be held this second Saturday, July 13, at the second floor of Baang Coffee, 258 Tomas Morato cor. Sct. Fernandez, Quezon City. The talk shall begin at 3:00pm.

The Mensa Brown Bag sessions are monthly events, often conducted on the second Saturday of the month, that are venues for Mensans to share their passions and interests with other Mensans.

Everyone is welcome. Not just Mensa members. So bring your friends and the Mensa-curious! Brown Bag sessions are also great places for Mensa members to meet and mingle, so if you've wanted to get to know your fellow Mensans, this is the place!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Mensa Philippines' current Board of Trustees and newly-assigned Officers for 2013

Hi Mensans, I would like to share to everyone this announcement listing Mensa Philippines’ current Board of Trustees and newly-assigned Officers.

As your board and as your officers, we are here to help in strengthening and growing our organization, serving our members, and furthering our objectives.

We thank everyone for the trust, and we look forward to your support and participation in our upcoming activities and programs for Mensa Philippines.

Yours in Mensa,

Dimpy Jazmines

Chairman – Kalangitan “Doc Jessy” Gutierrez
Vice Chairman – Dimpy Jazmines
Winthrop Yu
Art Ilano
Charlene Tan
Atty. Melvin Villa
Chris Tan
Zuriel Bernardino
Elle Singson
Tiffany Tang 
Jeffrey Seracarpio

President and acting Publications Director – Art Ilano
Treasurer – Charlene Tan
Corporate Secretary and Deputy Membership Director – Atty. Melvin Villa
Testing Director – Kalangitan “Doc Jessy” Gutierrez
Membership Director – Zuriel Bernardino
Publicity Director – Dimpy Jazmines
Deputy Publicity Director – Elle Singson
Activities Director – Chris Tan  
Deputy Activities Director – Tiffany Tang

Monday, June 17, 2013

MIL Positions/Committees Open for Appointment

If you want to help out in the international community affairs of Mensa, then you may want to try out for any of the appointed positions as outlined below. But you'll have to act by June 20!

From Mensa International

If you are interested in serving Mensa International in an appointed position, now is your opportunity to apply. These positions are open to all members worldwide and all are for terms of two years (unless otherwise stated), the term commencing after the IBD meeting in Canada in September 2013.

The following International positions/committees are due to be appointed in 2013:
- Constitutional Review Officer
- Awards Committee member (the MIL chairman and past chairman are automatically included)
- Licensing Advisory Committee – members and chair
- ICT Task Force – members and chair

Members currently serving in a position or committee due to expire in September are requested to reapply if they wish to continue to serve in that role.

The application form is available on the Officers/Appointees page of the member-only section of the MIL website at (you must be logged on). Job descriptions for each position are linked to each role/committee. Alternatively, you may obtain the application form and/or job descriptions from the Mensa International Office by emailing or by post to the International Office.

Applications for the above posts must be received by June 20, 2013 and must be sent to the International office ( and the Director of Administration (
Those who apply, whether appointed or not, will have their interest noted for future reference.

Friday, June 7, 2013

So, are Madonna and Shakira members of Mensa?

There have been recent news clippings about Madonna and Shakira being members of Mensa. Are they really members? Some sites say so. For instance, the Huffington Post here.

The answer, frankly, is: we don't know.

Reason: Mensa does not disclose the IQs of its members, does not disclose membership per se, and does not issue announcements accordingly without the express approval of its members, even if they're celebrities.

So unless Madonna or Shakira themselves come out and proclaim themselves as Mensa members, the fact is that we can't really say. Contrarily, if they claim to be Mensa members but are not, then perhaps that's when Mensa can step in and say "No, you're not."

Here's the official Mensa International statement about the matter, as reposted from the International website.

Mensa International, the international High IQ organisation, would like it to be known that it does not issue lists of Mensa members to the Press or outside Mensa, nor disclose individual IQ scores to anyone.

This applies whether members are celebrities or ‘ordinary’ members, unless it is given explicit permission by the member to do so.  Nor does Mensa International confirm or deny whether someone is a member or not – that is the individual’s business to disclose or not.

Mensa International has NOT issued a list of celebrity members recently, as many on-line stories have been claiming. Attempts are being made by Mensa to discover the source of these stories and to have false claims removed.

Where a celebrity member has put their membership into the public domain and given Mensa permission, that member may be listed on the website of the national Mensa organisation to which they belong.  The Mensa International website also carries a list of some high profile members or former members of the national groups from these sources. Nowhere are IQ scores listed.

To understand what an individual IQ score represents, it is necessary to know which test the person took.  Mensa admits persons who have attained a score at or above the 98th percentile (top 2%) of the population in a standardised, properly supervised IQ test. The minimum top 2% score may be 130, 132 or even 148 on the different tests available in different countries, so the number is meaningless unless the test taken is known. As all members are equal, the score is not important to Mensa or its other members once the person has qualified in the top 2%.

Mensa has around 120,000 members in around 100 countries across five continents.  All but a few are members of their local national group, while Direct International Members generally live in countries where there is no recognised national group.

For further information about Mensa International or the national Mensa groups, please check out this site -

Meanwhile, over at International Mensa...

The Election Committee for Small National Mensas has just overseen the voting for International Director, Smaller National Mensas.

And the results are...

Eligible voters: 33
Ballots received: 28
Invalid ballots: 0
Abstentions: 1

The result of the first preference count is:

Lars Endre Kjølstad 14 votes
Cinzia Busi 0 votes
Bibiána Balanyi 11 votes
Cristiane Cruz 2 votes

With 14 votes, compared to 13 votes for all other candidates combined, Lars Endre Kjølstad has obtained a majority of votes in the first preference count and no lesser preference counts are necessary. He has been elected for a 2-year-term beginning on July 1, 2013.

Congratulations to Lars Endre and thanks to Cinzia, Bibiána and Cristiane for their commitment to Mensa!