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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mensans, present at the advance screening of "Scorpion"

Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center

By: Arra Jeuneze Corpuz
This September 17, 2014, Mensans had the opportunity to catch the first ever premier of the American television series, "Scorpion" here in the Philippines at the Rockwell Powerplant Mall in Makati.

The series follows Walter o'Brien, a computer expert with an IQ of 197 (higher than Einstein's), as he and his team: Scorpion, solve problems for the benefit of the state and moreover, the world. He and his team of highly intellectual experts work together to critically analyze the conflicts and find a solution before time runs out. Their individual expertise and comical quirks make them very dynamic and humorous at the same time.

Elyes Gabel, Ari Stidham, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Jadyn Wong, and Katharine McPhee star the series. RTL-CBS channel will be airing the series starting Tuesday so here's to another series that we may be hooked into. Aside from the food and souvenirs that the viewers enjoyed, the first episode was engaging enough to have the Mensans discuss about it over post-screening coffee.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center

Friday, September 12, 2014

Mensa SIG for Adventure (SIG-A) goes to Mt. Batulao, Batangas (09 August 2014)

By: Lex de la Torre

Who says Mensans aren't outdoorsy people? ;)

In preparation for a much grander Mt. Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia) climb of MENSA Philippines and other international chapters this January, we have decided to train by doing a Mt. Batulao dayhike.

We started very early, left Manila at 330am via private vehicles and arrived at the jumpoff point around 6am. There are two trails to the summit, simply dubbed as the "Old trail" and the "New trail". I suggest climbers experience both by doing a traverse for they offer different picturesque views. Our group ascended via the old trail and descended on the new trail.

The old trail offered steep climbs, with resting points at any of the nine campsites. It culminates in a 70-80° wall that one needs to rappel before reaching the summit, which is also the tenth campsite. We were covered in fog for our entire ascent, but it dissipated when we reached the peak (lucky us!). The view from the top was breathtaking, offering sceneries such as rolling terrains and the nearby mountains of Pico de Loro and Maculot.

We descended using the new trail. While it is less steep, the trail was narrower. It was also more open. Nothing shielded us now from the Sun, except the occassional friendly clouds.

All in all, the difficulty rating in pinoymountaineer is justified (4/9). The vertical wall and the steep assaults & drops might present some challenges, but the entire trek is quite short. We traversed Batulao in 7 hours, with about 1 hour dedicated to respites and picture-taking.

I might do this again. Thanks MENSA!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

And the Winners of Mensa Photo Cup (Philippines) 2014...

We've had ten entries from among Mensa Philippines' casual/amateur photographers community for this, our first annual (?) Mensa Photo Cup.

A big Thank You to our rapid response panel of judges, Chris, Leo, and GB. With no unanimous choices, it was tough to finally select the three that would find their way to the International leg of the Photo Cup. (GB, for one, wanted it on record that he doesn't necessarily agree with the final outcome.)

This year's theme for the international Mensa Photo Cup was "Beauty." As our judges noted, it was a rather broad theme that did not lend much parameters and delimiters to work with. Be that as it may, we thank the participants who did step up and tried their hand at coming up with images that fit this broad theme.

And so, without further ado, here they are!

3rd. Rangana-Kulayan, submitted by Evan James K. Carlos

2nd. Contemplate, submitted by Jeffrey C. Sorreda

1st. Empowered, submitted by Ava Angela V. Arugay

Congratulations to the people behind the three top entries! These will then move on to the international leg of the Mensa Photo Cup! Good luck to you all!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Global Think Test 2014: Mensa + Kaspersky = up to $25,000!

Are you ready to pit your brains against some of the brightest people worldwide – and win $25,000?

Mensa has teamed up with internet security giant Kaspersky Lab to launch a new online quizzing portal which gives users chance to win cash and one of a range of monthly and one-off prizes, including a bat signed by Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar and an all expenses paid trip to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

The Global Think Test, at, is made up of a series of online brain games, quizzes and puzzles, specially created to let participants hone their combination, calculation skills and thinking abilities.
 Then, on September 6, quizzers from across the world can join in with Global Think Test Day, a worldwide online challenge which invites all participants to put their brainpower to the ultimate test and go head-to-head with the rivals around the world.
The player who gets the highest score in the quickest time will become the Kaspersky Global Think Test Champion and win the grand prize worth US $25,000 in cash. The name of the winner will be announced on September 7.

Mensa has provided scores of challenges, brain-teasers and IQ questions for the various challenges. Sachin Tendulkar, Kaspersky Lab brand ambassador, has his own puzzle Tendulko – based on Sudoku – with a signed bat offered to the winner.

And F1 giants Ferrari have been involved in developing games, puzzles and video tests for motorsports fans, with prizes including a signed pair of racing gloves from Felipe Massa and an all-expenses-paid trip to the Abu Dhabi Formula One Grand Prix.

Kaspersky has developed the Global Think Test to encourage internet users to be aware of their online security and to train their brains to be aware of scams and fake sites.

The new Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Device security solution is an easy, one-licence, multi-platform approach that protects virtually any combination of PCs, Macs, android smartphones and android tablets.

To start playing go to

There is more information about the Global Think Test on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube at Players can share their best moments with the hashtag #GTT.

Friday, July 18, 2014

FAQs on the Mensa Philippines Qualifying Test


I heard that the exam would mostly consist of abstract reasoning. Would it be a problem if I have a somewhat malfunctioning pair of eyes? It's a lubrication problem and it blurs everything sometimes.

If ever we don't pass/qualify on our first try, may we still take the exam next time?
The Mensa Qualifying Test is culture-fair. That means it will not be biased against those who do not speak English. It is a non-language test designed to measure intelligence without the influence of cultural climate, level of education, verbal fluency – or even ability in math. Hence, the test is presented as abstract reasoning. This is a timed exam - 45 minutes -  and takers are usually done before that time.

Tests are administered every hour and on the hour, so if you are late or had to attend to some emergency on your preferred time, you will still be able to take the test on that day. We welcome those who wish to register on site, but as with most events, there are advantages to having been pre-registered.

Mensa acknowledges that we have our off days, so if you do not qualify on July 19, you may still be able to take the test provided six (6) months have lapsed since the last test that you took.

Other than your valid ID and test fee, you do not need to bring anything to the test. Pencils will be provided. And there is no dress code.

Oh, and if you have dry eye syndrome, it would not affect you during the test...but bring your eye drops just the same.

How will we pay for the fee? What's next after qualifying the exam?
You may pay for your testing fee on cash basis during your scheduled test itself as you register at our registration table.  You will be issued a receipt for your payment.

Alternately, you also may pay by depositing the amount due to the Mensa's bank account
Deposit amount due to :
Bank: Metrobank
Account Name: Mensa Philippines
Savings Account #: 192-3-19209660-0


Bank: BDO
Account Name: Mensa Philippines
Savings Account #: 00-4900-069739
Inform our Treasurer by emailing to the following details:
  •        Your full name
  •        The amount you paid
  •        What you are paying for
  •        Which bank received the payment
  •        A scanned image of your deposit slip, or type the machine-validated data written on your deposit slip.
     Example for the machine-validated data:
192-3-19209960-0 MENSA PHILS 07/01/2008 11:40:32 DEP ON IB 0054 066 18791 PHP 1,500.00 CL 1,500.00

  •        Correct and complete mailing address
  •        You may claim your receipt on exam day at the registration table.

Moreover, our Mensa Philippines Facebook fan page has a SHOP application that you can use to pay via Paypal. 

Access this here
Inform our Treasurer by emailing to the following details:
  •        Your full name
  •        The amount you paid
  •        What you are paying for
  •        The Paypal transaction number for this purchase
  •        Correct and complete mailing address
  •        You may claim your receipt on exam day at the registration table.

       Note: the Mensa merchandise items available in the SHOP app is exclusively available to Mensa members; purchases from non-members of these items will just be cancelled and the payment refunded

Some of my colleagues and friends wish to take the test with me, what procedure should we take?
 If you are pre-registered:
You will have to pay the fee in full. On the day of the test, you will get your discount at the registration table with all of you present. If in case you are going to take the test in different time slots, the last person to take the test will receive the discount for your group.

If you will register on site:
You can pay the discounted price then and there. In case you will take the test in different time slots, you will have to pay in full, then the last person who will take the test will receive the discount for all of you.

Is there any other venue besides Rockwell? How about if one is from Cebu?
 Mensa Philippines has the test in different venues throughout the year, though most of these are based in Manila.

We have also in the past had Mensa tests in schools or in areas outside Manila, but we may need to determine first if there is a substantial amount of takers in the same area before we consider these.

How can we prepare? Are there particular online tests or strategies to prepare?
There are no official practice tests that Mensa endorses.

However, there are Mensa work outs,
like this one.

These usually test your aptitude for puzzles, and/or build your confidence during the day of the test.

Best strategy for taking  the test – a good night’s sleep and ample travel time prior to taking the test.

How many times can one take the exam?
There is no limit to the number of times that you can take it, provided six months have lapsed since your last test.

If an unexpected event occurred which prevented the examinee from taking the exam on the date, will he/she be allowed to reschedule it on another date?
Yes. The Mesa Qualifying Tests are scheduled about 2-3 times a year. 

Please watch out for announcements
in our official FB fan page; or our Twitter account, @MensaPH.
I am only 11 years old but I would like to take the test, will that be possible?
The minimum age to take the Mensa test is 14 because the test is calibrated for adults.

For those younger than 14, you may join through
membership based on prior evidence.

Would passing this exam qualify me as a member of Mensa International?
 Mensa International is the umbrella group where Mensa Philippines and other countries’ Mensa organizations belong.

Passing the exam here in the Philippines will qualify you as a member of Mensa Philippines.

Also, if ever a Mensa member changes citizenship and moves to another country where there is a local Mensa organization, he/she can transfer Mensa membership to that country’s Mensa.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Love photography? Then Join the Mensa World Photo Cup 2014!

Photos by Mensa PH members (UL) Jeff Sorreda; (UR & LL) Mel Balilo Jr; (LR) Raymond Pasiliao

If you are a photography enthusiast, then you'd love to join this!

Mensa International is running a worldwide photo contest, the Mensa World Cup 2014, that's open to current Mensa members around the world! It's a straightforward photo contest. Winners get to have their photos exhibited in international Annual Gatherings and publicized in Mensa events around the world. Oh, there are prizes too (though we don't quite know what they would be just yet!).

To get there, your photo will have to be among the top three in the Mensa Philippines World Cup!

The theme for this year? Beauty. Feel free to interpret that in any way that you can. You get to submit up to three entries. Yes, there's a chance that more than one of your entries get to win.

Photo entries have to be in JPG format and be not more than 1MB in file size. Simply make sure that you're a current member of Mensa Philippines, and submit your entries (one email per photo) to On the body of the email, include your Name, Membership Number, and the Title of your photo.

Deadline for submissions to the Mensa Philippines World Cup is August 8, 2014. Our panel of judges will then evaluate and select the top three entries, which we shall then forward to the international Mensa World Cup finals, which shall close on August 31.

So brush up your lenses, take photos (using whatever camera you have) and have fun!

Rules follow below.

The Search for the International Mensa Photographer of the Year 2014


1.       This competition is organized locally by Mensa Philippines, as part of the International Project Convergence initiative of Mensa International.
2.       The theme for 2014 is: Beauty.
3.       There is no fee for entry into the Competition. The entrant must be a member in good standing of Mensa Philippines for the duration of the competition.
4.       Photos should be in JPG format not exceeding 1 MB.  Entries in the national competition must be received by August 8, 2014.
5.       Name, membership number and title of photograph should be included in the photo information/label or in the text of the email.
6.       The photos should be e-mailed to the following national mailing address:
7.       Each entrant may submit up to three color images only.
8.       All entries must be the sole work of the entrant.
9.       The three best entries in the national competition will be selected by a locally organized judging panel. Entries will be judged on the effectiveness of how they convey the theme as well as composition, technical and other considerations. The decision of the Judging Panel is final. The national winner will win the title of Mensa Philippines Photographer of the Year 2014.
10.    The three best entries in each national Mensa competition will be included in the Mensa World Photo Cup competition run under the supervision of Mensa International. The closing date for the (International) Mensa World Photo Cup is August 31st, 2014. The International winner (MIL Photographer of the Year) will be selected by a professional judging panel which will include the Mensa International Chairman ex-officio.
11.    Winning photographs will become part of the 'Mensa IPC Collection' and will be exhibited at the Annual Gatherings and otherwise publicized, inside and outside Mensa.
12.    Entrants will retain copyright of their photos but will grant Mensa non-exclusive rights for publication in Mensa journals, on Mensa websites, on Photo SIG posters, for display in exhibitions, or other appropriate places as part of the Mensa IPC Collection without any financial reward to the contestant.
13.    Contestants agree that their name and country may be published nationally and internationally.
14.    By submitting entries for the competition, the entrant accepts all the conditions listed above.

Photo by Mensa PH member Marla Endriga